Psychology Today article--5 Perspectives
Carefully read the following article--slowly, not perfunctorily. Write down a one to two sentence gist of each perspective: teachers, professors, employers, parents, and students. Next, write a one page reflection--what do you agree with? Disagree with? What should/can be done about the emotional fragility that so many students face? What is your personal connection to this subject--considering you or your friends?
Psychology Today

Spoken Word

Picture Poetry

Block 2 - Poetry Intro (Padlet)
Block 4 - Poetry Intro (Padlet)

Gatsby Review

Gatsby Ch. 8 & 9

Literary Devices

Love for Language (Google Slides) - Gatsby

Poe Money Poe Problems

Christopher Lee Reading of "The Raven"

Allusion to Thoreau

Intro to Romanticism

Wanderer above the Sea of Fog by Casper David Friedrich, 1818

Mood Music - "Prelude in E Minor" (Chopin)

How to Use Google Docs

Discerning Credibility

The Crucible